Why SMS?

Serving patients and their families for almost 25 years, Stuart Medical Services provides the expertise and guidance to help keep individuals in their homes.

We work only with superior products that are durable and time-tested, making sure your investment is the most cost effective. Patients and their families are always included in the planning process, discussing various options and their advantages. And upon delivery or installation, we educate them on proper use and maintenance.

Stuart Medical Services is not only an expert on the products and services we provide, but also on the Medicare, Medicaid and waiver rules regarding reimbursement and coverage.

Once we receive a request, we handle all of the administrative tasks to get the product placed, including the billing of Medicaid/Medicare/HMOs for denials to assure waiver coverage, and obtaining any additional necessary paperwork from the patient's medical providers.

We know how time-consuming this process can be for patients, their families and case managers, and consider “doing the legwork” all part of our service to the patient.

Call us at 513-687-9681 or email sms@smsmed.com to find out how we can help to meet your needs.